Best Food Apps in Toronto

If you’re a foodie like me, you’ll want to dip into deliciousness the moment the hunger pangs set in. Fortunately for folks living in Toronto, there are awesome mobile apps that enable exactly that. You can tap, swipe and pay for great gourmet meals on wheels. Or you can pre-order, pre-pay and collect yummy edibles made from farm fresh sustainably grown ingredients without having to waste lunch hour in the queue. If you’re a famished Canadian who needs real meals on the run, check out the best food apps in Toronto built for iOS and Android phones:

Ritual App

Ritual App Image Source: The Ritual app offers a two-pronged approach to a ‘rush lunch’.  You can explore the edible options, order and pay and then skip the long and winding queue to seize your salad, burger, poke or sushi in double quick time.  Alternatively, you can wait patiently at your desk as your chosen victuals are freshly prepped and delivered by a friendly delivery guy, face pasted with a smile. Ritual has partnered with more than 400 participating restaurants that are neatly sorted according to district.  When you order frequently using the super-quick no-queue food delivery app, a rewards systems automatically kicks in to dish out points-generated free grub!  The Ritual app is free to download at the Google Play and App Store.

Foodora App

foodora Image Source: The Foodora app delivers good food in a flash.  Along with partnering with restaurants in Canada, the eco-friendly bike-based food delivery app appeases hungry customers across Europe and way Down Under in Australia.  It’s not an ordinary ‘here’s your junk food’ service.  Foodora prides itself on getting premium quality cuisine- from restaurants that do not ordinarily deliver - to you when it’s still piping hot on the plate. You can pick and choose freshly made meals at 200 plus vendors and if you’re into the free stuff, there are always discount codes around to incentivise you to buy more burgers, beef Chow Mein or!  The Foodora app is compatible with iOS and Android handsets and is free to install at the respective app stores.

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Grabb App

Image Source: The Grabb app is based on the same ‘skip the line’ business model as the Ritual app.  It’s a mobile ordering and payment platform that allows you to pre-order and pay for your favourite food and beverages before you step into the store.  You’ll have first dibbs at more than 250 restaurants located in downtown Toronto. Real-time notifications keep you updated on the meal preparation process.  That means you’ll always be able to collect your grub when it’s freshly made.  As Grabb has recently joined forces with Foodora, you can order ahead for a pick-up or delivery!

Feast App

Image Source: The Feast app enables fingertip access to a fabulous full-stack food provider that services Canada’s financial mega-city.  Unlike all the other top Toronto apps that offer meals from an eclectic selection of restaurants and outlets – primed, prepped and delivered – Feast chefs conjure up the most magical meals in their own well-stocked kitchen.  Order lunch or dinner on the Feast food app and you’ll enjoy anytime access to gastronomic delights that mirror the latest fresh food trends. Healthy fare made from quality ingredients is the bottom line but you have to collect from the Feast kiosk or from participating vendors located across the city.  Think Feast for dishes that vary from seared albacore tuna niçoise salad and Ontario heirloom carrot and quinoa salad to wild mushroom and potato soup served smoking hot in a tub.  Operating hours are 11am to 2pm and 5 pm to 8pm Monday through Friday....yum

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