Susan C hits the £1,965,956.46 progressive jackpot

Susan C hits the £1,965,956.46 progressive jackpot! Can you think of a better way to start a new year than with a casino win big enough to change your life? A Platinum Play member in the UK, known as Susan C, was feeling a bit low shortly after Christmas because she had to work when the rest of the UK was still on holiday. She decided to console herself by logging in to the casino and playing a progressive slot game. When she hit the £1,965,956.46 jackpot, she thought it was a mistake. She had only been a member of Platinum Play for ten days, so it must have been hard to believe her luck when she won the biggest Platinum Play jackpot ever! “I wrote the figures down, checked the amount but I still didn't think that this could happen to me,” she says. “I telephoned my son and my husband and they were both sure that I must have made a mistake.” It was only when the casino contacted her that she realised it was real. The best part about an enormous windfall must be deciding how to spend it! “I have three children and four grandchildren. I plan to give them enough money to make their lives easier,” she says. ”I also plan to retire from work - something I never expected to be able to do in the near future.” Of course, a holiday to Las Vegas is also on the cards. “Well, what do you expect from an inveterate gambler?” She also plans to donate some money to animal charities. We can just imagine how nearly £2 million in your bank account can give you a whole new set of New Year’s resolutions – the kind that are a lot more fun to keep! Do you also want to win? Register at Platinum Play Casino and play!

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