The World’s Most Expensive Handbags

From cleaning ladies to the Queen, most women know that the most indispensable of all accessories is the handbag. Whether it is a typical granny bag with space for everything but the kitchen sink, or a chic designer clutch purse, a handbag can often be a girl’s saving grace. More than being something purely functional, a good quality handbag can make a powerful statement, especially when that bag features a Chanel, Hermès, or Katherine Bauman label. Such bags are sold at top price from ...

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The Best Five Destinations To See On Your Trip To Japan

Japan is like a shining Pacific pearl with many faces. You can expect to see sparkling royal palaces which once housed samurai warriors, and explore temples and shrines to ancient gods. But equally, you’ll also find sandy beaches, breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes and skiing which compares with the very best. At first glance, Japan’s cityscapes, technology and infrastructure convey the impression of an ultra-modern Asian nation. But in truth you are never far away from ...

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Best Travel Destinations To Visit In Mexico

Mexico enjoys a deserved reputation as a favourite holiday destination. And while the whole of Latin America also attracts tourists from every corner of the world, provided tourists observe the basic tips on personal safety, Mexico can offer a more varied and tourist-friendly mix than many of its regional rivals. It’s also true that, in so many ways, Mexican culture has already become part of our everyday lifestyle experience: Most people will have experienced Mexican foods such as ...

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Six Holiday Destinations To Visit After Your Jackpot Win

Is there ever a day when we’re not busy? Going to work and dealing with domesticity in all its forms: Paying household bills, finding the money for car repairs and school fees, as well as other unexpected expenses which just seem to arise out of the blue – the list is endless, and the pace unrelenting. However, playing in means there’s always the possibility you could win a jackpot which would allow you to exchange all that for the chance to make your dreams come true and travel ...

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DIY Casino Party Ideas You Can Try At Home

If you’re thinking of inviting some friends over and looking to ring the changes with your repertoire of entertainment ideas, you might consider a casino-themed party. This cool idea could just be the spark needed to inspire your friends to get their own casino-inspired dress code thing going: What about James Bond and Vesper Lynd from Casino Royale? Danny Ocean? Or even Old West cowboys like Doc Halliday and Wyatt Earp? If you’re ready to be creative, there are lots of DIY ideas you ...

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Foodie Culture And How It Has Taken Over

Okay, so foodie culture might not have taken over in every aspect of life but it is certainly much more widely appreciated than it used to be. What's more, its influence can be felt in many walks of life nowadays. In fact, foodie culture has come a long way. The term was first coined back in the 1980s and was sometimes also called the foodie movement and even the foodie revolution. Much of it was about pushing back against commoditised food, especially fast food, and placing a greater ...

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The 10 Commandments: Online Dating Edition

heart keypad

A pretty famous story tells of a man who climbed a mountain, had an unforgettable conversation and returned with 2 tablets of stone. Written on them were 10 commandments or rules that are said to give order to spiritual and earthly relationships. Online dating wasn’t a thing, back in those days. If it had been, I suspect that, while up the mountain, the man would have asked for an additional 10 commandments of dating online. Let’s face it – they’re needed. In fact, I imagine that, ...

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Comparing Office Chairs With Gaming Chairs

Brown office chairs

Playing games at home on your computer is becoming increasingly popular these days. The video gaming industry is worth millions globally and many expect that it will overtake other forms of media entertainment, such as watching movies, at some point in the future. Some games are easy enough to play using a joypad so you can get away with these ones sitting on your sofa and looking at your TV screen. However, many of the more in-depth games that are played online today require you to have a ...

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Nobu – Chef Behind The Restaurants

Nobu Matsuhisa – Chef Turned Restaurant Owner

The Nobu restaurants are well known, and well loved, located at multiple locations across the world. From Beverly Hills, to Cape Town, people flock to the Nobu brand name, and never seem to have anything but praise. The restaurant chain is all but a global phenomenon, so much so that one can’t but help think that there must be something magical on the menu, unobtainable anywhere else. So what does Nobu serve? Seafood, mostly, with a focus on sushi. The truth is that it is not the menu ...

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The World’s Most Instagrammable Locations

Capture the most iconic spots

What makes for a great Instagram picture? If you’re a dedicated hipster, it could be the perfect cup of coffee next to your leather-bound journal, with a fountain pen perfectly placed nearby. If you’re a foodie, it might be a perfectly constructed plate of food. Architecture lovers will appreciate the way light and shadow highlight a vaulted ceiling or another feature. All of these images, and so many more, can capture magical moments on holiday or in your home town, and inspire ...

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