Did You Know You Can Bet On Motorsports Too?

Dirt Bike

Ever thought about betting on a motorsports event? You may not realise that an exciting sport like the world of motor racing also has a betting market much like your other favourite sports do. Platinum Play also have their own range of games with car themes, such as Truck Stop, Monster Wheels, Racing for Pinks, Supe it Up, Reels Royce and Winning Wheels. So if this guide ever starts to sound too complicated, feel free to try any of our easily digested games and spin to win. But, of ...

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Why Are Native Americans Connected With Casinos?

Other than those individuals now more widely dispersed among the general population, many Native American tribal groups in the US still live on designated reservation lands. With few exceptions, these areas are rarely sited close to densely populated regions, nor do they generally contain a great deal of prime agricultural terrain. As a result of these factors, Native American communities have relatively few productive economic opportunities. Citizens with a unique status Despite these ...

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The Best Football Betting Tips To Improve Your Returns

Sports betting has been around for a long time. And though some of the traditional ways to bet have changed very little over the years, many now offer sports betting too, and modern technology has made it possible to try some intriguing variations. So let’s look first at those betting options. Common sports betting options Perhaps the most familiar kind of betting is the fixed odds bet. Here, the gambler agrees to wager on the outcome of a match, race etc. (before the event) and the ...

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Trailer Park Millionaires Of The USA

What do billionaires Warren Buffet and Sam Zell have in common? Both owe part of their fortune to the trailer industry in the United States. Buffet owns Clayton Homes, the US’s biggest mobile home manufacturer, and 21st Mortgage Corporation and Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Company, the two largest mobile home lenders. Zell owns Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS), the largest mobile park owner in the US with over 140,000 trailer parks. But even without owning huge companies, other ...

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The Top Ten eSports Today

Competitive video game playing is nothing new. However, professional players who make their livings from competing in global video game tournaments are becoming increasingly common. The top players often make good money these days because of the rise in popularity among video game fans. Aside from , many people love watching and betting on eSports which has made the rise of games as a professional endeavour possible. Just like real sports, it is the public's interest in the top competitors ...

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Great Casino Music: Kenny Rogers And The Gambler

The music country song “The Gambler” was originally composed by singer-songwriter Don Schlitz in 1976. It was the version recorded by US country music star Kenny Rogers, however, which turned it into the big international hit which charted at Number One in many countries. The Rogers release of “” in 1978 was the event which kick-started Schlitz’s own career, and since that time he has written dozens more country influenced songs which have enjoyed notable commercial success. Two ...

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Remember Not To Play Cards On Indian Trains

Source: Pixabay If you are travelling in India, the fantastic scenery, the exotic atmosphere, and the sheer romance of travelling across the Indian continent by train may prompt you to think about taking a few selfies. But beware – you might end up with more than just a collection of memorable moments, because India has some very strict regulations about what rail passengers can, and can’t do during a train journey. Restrictions for Rail Travellers In some parts of India, such as ...

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What Are the Modern Trends in Logo Design?

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Pretty much all of the major brands around the globe have their own logo these days. A good logo should convey the personality traits of the brand or product it is there to promote. That’s why the Platinum Play – you know exactly where you stand with that! Of course, some logos have been design classics that have lasted for decades or more. Others, though shorter-lived, have made a significant impact, too. What are the design trends for logos these days and what can we expect to see ...

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Top 10 Hottest Canadian Actresses In 2019

Top 10 Hottest Canadian Actresses

When I was asked to pen a piece about the hottest actresses from Canada, I initially jumped at the idea. Then I retracted and I thought about the MeToo movement that has been sweeping the industry and I thought, is this really the right topic to be tackling right now? I reflected and decided that if the topic was handled tastefully, then this article would not incur the wrath of any sensitive readers. Also, I figured that the top 10 list of hot Canadian actresses should not be relegated to the ...

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The Aeroplanes and Illness Connection

Germ carriers of the sky

If you’re looking to get from A to B and do so with a minimum of dying along the way, you’ll want to do so via air. Travelling by plane is still the fastest, safest way option, so much so that there really is no competition. Vehicle travel is just silly if you have the option to instead make the journey up in the clouds, with the traffic, pollution and suicidal other drivers far below. On the other hand, did you know that the interior of an aeroplane is a perfect environment for ...

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