Designs Gone Haywire: From Medicinal and Military to Pharma and Fun

Inventions with different purposes Image - courtesy of Technology is spawning an endless stream of awesome inventions.   In Canada, driverless cars, automated vehicles and AI home assistants are complemented by apps, chat bots and emojis.  Designs and inventions like these are not bound to the 21st century.  There have always been smart scientists creating cutting edge gizmos, gadgets, chemicals and pharmaceuticals so as to the drive the progress of planet Earth. What is interesting is many of the most famous inventions were originally designed to fulfill a different purpose.  Others were discovered quiet by accident.  Let’s take a look at a few bright ideas that morphed into something else altogether:

Root Beer: Cure-All to Best Selling Soda Pop

A few hundred years ago, early American pioneers made medicinal tinctures from sassafras and sarsaparilla, two key ingredients of original root beer.  These cure-alls allegedly purged the body and purified the blood.  In fact, quacks recommended the tangy, slightly spicy tonic for all sorts of ailments, from rheumatism and jaundice to advanced syphilis! Inventions with Different Purposes Image - courtesy of   By the 18th century medicinal was replaced by mildly alcoholic and root beer was produced on a large scale.  Today, it’s brewed, bottled and branded in the USA, Canada and countless countries across the world.  Open a chiller in virtually any home or office and you’ll find Stewart’s; Dr Brown’s or Dad’s Old Fashioned root beer stacked, packed and ready to drink!

Superglue: Military Material to Fast Acting Adhesive

During WWII millions of dollars were ploughed into R&D with one aim in mind; to maximise the effect of weaponry.  One such project involved the search for suitable material that could be used in the manufacture of transparent plastic gun sights.  After several failed attempts, the team was left with a super strong and fast acting adhesive that was of no interest to the military. Inventions with different purposes Images - courtesy of   Inventor Henry Cooper recognized the potential of the substance; fine tuned its composition and called it super glue.  This remarkable adhesive was used in the Vietnam War to seal open wounds in the field.  Today it has first aid, medical and veterinary applications over and above the conventional industrial and household uses. Here at Platinum Play Canada, we would say that the slot was one of the best inventions of all time. The first ever was developed by inventor Charles Fey, the creator of the Liberty Bell Slot Machine, back in the 1880's. Nowadays we have super-modern, action-packed video slots with many wins up for grabs. Click below to create your account and play at the best online casino in Canada. Best Online Casino in Canada

Implantable Pacemaker: Recording Device to Life Saver

In the 1950s, a wiring error was the catalyst that led to the development of a device that’s gone on to save millions of lives.  The story goes that a young assistant electoral engineering professor, Walter Greatbatch was busy putting the finishing touches to the electrical circuitry of a heart rate oscillator, a device used to record heart rhythm.  He pulled the wrong wire out of the assembly kit, installed it and instead of recording sound, the device emitted electrical pulses that mimicked the human heart rate. Inventions with different purposes Image - courtesy of   After studying the external pacemaker, engineered by John Hopps, the ‘Father of Biomedical Engineering in Canada,’ and conducting several experiments, Greatbach developed the first ever implantable cardiac pacemaker, a device credited with preserving the lives of millions of people all over the world!

MDMA: Appetite Suppressor to Party Drug

MDMA, or methyldrastinin as it was called at the time, is a chemical compound that was originally developed by pharmaceutical giant Merck as a blood clotting medicine and later an alternative to adrenalin.  The chemical composition was patented but never formulated. Inventions with different purposes Image - courtesy of MDMA disappeared altogether until the 1960s when it reappeared in a Polish scientific journal in the form of ecstasy.  A decade later and the drug had escaped from the lab and was readily available on the Chicago black market.  Today, it is a popular, though illegal, recreational drug used by more than 50 million people worldwide! Do you know of any other inventions that had a different purpose when they were first created? Share them with us. And make sure you play the more than 700 games that Canada's favorite online casino has on offer.
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