DIY Casino Party Ideas You Can Try At Home

Source: Pixabay If you’re thinking of inviting some friends over and looking to ring the changes with your repertoire of entertainment ideas, you might consider a casino-themed party. This cool idea could just be the spark needed to inspire your friends to get their own casino-inspired dress code thing going: What about James Bond and Vesper Lynd from Casino Royale? Danny Ocean? Or even Old West cowboys like Doc Halliday and Wyatt Earp? If you’re ready to be creative, there are lots of DIY ideas you could use too. Here’s some suggestions to help get your fun casino-themed party off to a great start, eat some nice food, drink cocktails and play your favourite casino games together with your friends.

Party invitations

You could introduce your casino-inspired party by designing your own invitations. These could be in the form of a playing card, or you could simply use images of roulette wheels, dice and poker chips as decorative elements to set the tone for your special night.

Background decorations

Casino interiors are generally bright and glitzy. So you could create a similar effect at home, and quite affordably, by using balloons to create a red, black and white casino colour scheme. In addition, you could use some flashing Christmas lights to really set up a gaming-style interior mood.

Casino cocktail

This is a real cocktail recipe created in 1930, which just requires gin, maraschino liqueur, orange bitters and fresh lemon juice. The recipe of ingredients requires: 4 cl (centilitres) of gin 1 cl Maraschino 1 cl orange bitters 1 cl fresh lemon juice To prepare the cocktail, you pour these ingredients into a shaker along with some ice cubes. Then shake them well before straining the mixture into a pre-chilled chilled cocktail glass. Garnish the drink with a maraschino cherry and a lemon twist. Then serve your home-made casino cocktail to your guests, ‘straight up, without ice’ - and without a straw.

Use playing cards as a decorative motif

There are lots of foods and drinks you could decorate with playing cards to develop your casino theme. What about some cupcakes decorated with cut-out pieces of card? Or if you’re handy with decorative icing, you could even produce some basic cards of your own using coloured icing against a white back ground. Another idea would be to use individual cards to embellish your napkin rings and add a ‘casino’ feel to your dining table. Sticking with table ideas, you could also decorate your place labels with card symbols (hearts, diamonds etc.) and even fan out a pack of cards in a circle to use as an eye-catching base for your decorative centrepiece. And with casino colour schemes in mind, you should perhaps have a dark-green tablecloth to replicate the look of the elegant green baize usually found on all upmarket card tables. Of course, dice are also relevant to your casino theme and could equally be used as decorative materials. And if you have the culinary skills, small tarts or biscuits would make great poker chips if you add iced tops numbered and decorated in a variety of colours.

Casino coasters

With little more than an ink-jet printer and some basic templates, you could soon create some atmospheric drinks coaster shapes. These could once again be decorated with images of cards, dice, chips and any other casino-related logos you can think of. Your decorative coasters could then be cut out carefully and then glued onto real cork, wood or cardboard coasters. This would produce a serviceable base your guests could use to place their drinks during the party.

Food roulette

You might play a game of food roulette (with a wheel of course). Guests could spin the wheel to receive servings of individual pastries containing different foods. To add interest, you could have a few of the pastries loaded with piri piri, or something else tasting super-spicy, to act as a “roulette surprise”.

Treasure chests

To create an opulent atmosphere reminiscent of a casino, you could set out some ‘treasure chests’ filled with lots of shiny sweet treats. These could include chocolates wrapped in silver and gold, chocolate coins, caramels and candies all mixed up together to resemble the contents of a typical treasure hoard.

Casino jewellery

Another creative idea would be to make your own casino jewellery. Just glue some small dice on hairpins, and there you are – an instant casino-themed look. Throw a fun casino themed party with your friends, eat some nice food, drink cocktails and play your favourite casino games together.
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