Interesting bets placed in Vegas

Spending time in Las Vegas often feels like you are visiting an alien planet – it’s as if the rules of our world simply don’t apply. It’s a place where clocks don’t exist, and some of the world’s greatest landmarks are on display in the middle of the strip. It’s also home to gamblers big and small, and that means that some strange, weird and wonderful bets get placed on a daily basis.

Some of those bets have taken on mythical proportions, steeped more in legend than actual truth, but there is one that has been confirmed and is something of a cautionary tale for would-be gamblers. One of the most famous casinos in Vegas is the Binion’s Horseshoe down on Fremont Street, and the owner, Benny Binion, was legendary for his wild promotions and gimmicks. Back in the 80s, Benny thought it would be a grand idea to have a “sky’s the limit” promotion, daring people to come into the Horseshoe and place massive wagers on their first ariana online slot A gambler named William Lee Bergstrom from Austin, Texas called to enquire if he could place a single million dollar bet. Benny assured him that he would cover the bet as long as it was his first one, meeting the specifications of the promotion. A short time thereafter, Bergstrom strolled in to the casino, suitcase in hand, and plopped $770,000 on the craps table. He won the bet, and walked out the front door having doubled his money. Bergstrom retuned a few more times, winning at a regular clip, but it wasn’t until November of 1984 that he returned to place the $1 million bet.   Once again he headed for the craps table, put the million bucks on the No Pass line and watched in horror as an old lady rolled a 7, making his bet a losing one. Three short months after that loss, Bergstrom took his own life in one of the Vegas strip hotels, with the rumor being that he was playing Russian roulette. At one point, Bergstrom was up almost $650,000 over the Horseshoe, but rather than walk away, he got caught up in the action. Bergstrom’s tale is just one more reason as to why you should always quit while you are ahead – and stick to American or European roulette!  With Platinum Play Online Casino, you won't have to travel all the way to Vegas to get your thrill. Remember, only bet what you can afford to lose!

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