Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer Prize Surprise

The Pulitzer Prize winning album Source: NPR Illinois Kendrick Lamar is has now officially won the Pulitzer Prize for music. Awarded for this album, titled Damn, Lamar is the first person to do so who does not specialise in classical or jazz music. The album was already highly acclaimed prior to the award, but with the Pulitzer Prize seal of approval, a great deal more people are likely to be finding out what exactly Damn has to offer. And this is not the first award that the album has received either. At the 60th Grammy awards, the same album received similar praise. Damn was nominated for album of the year, although ultimately did not win that award. It did, however, receive the award for best Rap Album. It seems that enough praise cannot be heaped on Damn, which will surely be putting a smile on Lamar’s face. Assuming he can smile, given his sombre expression on the cover of the award-winning album.

What Does The Album Feature?

Damn was not a solo effort. Rihanna, U2 and James Blake all had a part in creating the album. So, with such stunning talent playing a part, it’s no wonder that the album went on to receive such high praise. In addition, Kamasi Washington, a noted jazz saxophonist, made a significant contribution. The contribution by Washington is most interesting, given the milestone achieved by Lamar being that he does not specialise in jazz music, yet managed to win a Pulitzer Prize. In terms of the songs featured on the album, Lamar states that he wanted to capture the challenges and complexities he faced growing up in Compton. Lamar clearly did not have an easy time, but we can all be thankful that he managed to channel those difficult times into brilliant music. This album can be the soundtrack to just about any activity, and whether you are playing at a casino, relaxing at home or heading to the gym, it’s the ideal accompaniment to your life.

To Pimp A Butterfly

Damn was released almost exactly one year ago in 2017. It was not, however, the first album released by Lamar that gained international attention. His previous album, released in 2015, was titled To Pimp A Butterfly, which was said to be the experimental version of his current album, Damn. To Pimp a Butterfly was a smash hit in 2015, selling an astonishing 353,000 copies in a single week of being released. The album eventually went on to sell just over 1 million copies. Like Damn, To Pimp A Butterfly was nominated for best album award at the Grammy Awards. Overall, Lamar has had three albums go platinum.

Don’t Classify My Music

When speaking to Interview Magazine, Lamar went into more detail about what he hoped to achieve with Damn. He specifically stated that he doesn’t want people to classify his music in any one category. Instead, he went on, he wants people to recognise that everyone has the same struggles. And that he recognises his true feelings about these struggles, and puts them into his music. Although certainly not the first musician to attempt to express himself via music, it can still be admired that Lamar has such a sombre, levelheaded approach to his success, and the music that he creates. Now, with a Pulitzer Prize to his name, Lamar will undoubtedly be going from strength to strength. And, if his contribution to the Black Panther soundtrack is anything to go by, we’ll certainly be seeing a great deal more of him in the future. Although, it should be noted that Lamar only curated the music in this case, and did not actually create any of it. Either way, the Marvel cinematic universe is undoubtedly pleased by his contribution, as are we! Reference:
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