Less familiar casino games

Ask anyone to rattle off a list of games that can be played at a casino and you will probably hear the old standards, all of which are great, but I’ll bet that no-one will think to name some of the different games that you can enjoy at Platinum Play. You may very well be wondering — if it’s not blackjack, poker, roulette or slots, what the heck could it possibly be? Well, allow me to tell you a couple that you may have missed. It used to be impossible to go for a bite to eat in Vegas without a Keno runner coming by your table regularly, trying to tempt you into a game or two. There was something hypnotic about watching those balls fly across the screen to see what number they landed on — so hypnotic in fact, that I usually ended up playing a round or six. It’s now become hard to find Keno in the modern Vegas, but lovers of that game of chance can get their kicks at Platinum Play. I there was any game that could have been tailor-made for the online world, it would have to be bingo. Many of the bigger bingo halls ended up playing satellite bingo, with a huge network of players from other bingo halls across the country joining together for one huge jackpot. If that isn’t the perfect recipe for an online game, I don’t know what is. Platinum Play's parent group, Fortune Lounge, now has its own bingo portal called Giggle Bingo. How many times have you gone in to pay for gas and ended up picking up a scratch card while you wait for your change? I do it all the time, and now you can get your scratch card fix by playing at Platinum Play. There may be no faster game online, and the chance to win big money just makes it all the more appealing. Instead of playing all your usual games the next time you log in, take a chance on one of these great alternatives.

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