There are a number of different factors that make one online casino better than another, but it usually boils down to the number of games available, and how good the software that runs those games is. A casino can live or dies based on the quality of its software, and the best provider in the business is Microgaming. Platinum Play has run their software from the moment they opened their virtual doors, and that quality shines through in every single game that you’ll play here. When you look back on the evolution of online gaming, you’ll see that Microgaming was not only there from the start, but was also the first software company to introduce features that make online gambling what it is today, which is an exciting, secure way to get your gambling kick. It all began in 1994 when Microgaming opened their first online casino, and once it became apparent that the industry was going to be huge, they were instrumental in setting up a number of rules and codes of conduct that all others had to quickly adhere to if they wanted to keep customers happy. Most people who play at online casinos are drawn in by the huge jackpots that are now available, and that really began in the late 90’s when Microgaming linked together their casinos to create progressive jackpots, much like the ones found in the major land based casinos. They also introduced the first flash based and multi-language casinos, which was a huge hit across the industry, and made the online casino industry into a truly global market. It would be easy for Microgaming to rest on their laurels at this point, but they continue to strive to make online casino experience as fun and exciting as possible, and with new games being introduced on a weekly basis, it’s safe to say they are succeeding.

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