New York Public Library Launches Insta Novels

Classic library books get a makeover Source: Travel + Leisure As it turns out, and this will surely come as a startling revelation, millennials do a great deal of reading. Research shows that the millennial generation does more reading than the generations ahead of it, with 80% of millennials having read a book cover to cover, as opposed to 73% of the next generation up. More interesting is that, according to statistics, print books are still somewhat preferred to digital books by the millennial generation. On the other hand, the younger generation is not so keen on reading. At least, not in the traditional way. On demand entertainment and the rapid rise in popularity of social media has left the youth with less time, and less want, to read classic books than ever before. It’s a sad, but rather predictable truth. It seems we will simply have to say goodbye to the age-old classics, and simply let books gradually fade from existence.

A Combining Of Technology

Or will we? The New York Public Library took it upon itself to transform the way books are read, creating what is being referred to as Insta Novels. In essence, the idea is that classic stories, such as Alice In Wonderland, are fitted into the Instagram Stories platform. A clear effort to make classics once again appealing to a social media obsessed youth. This new form of storytelling makes use not only of the convenience of an application, which can be accessed as needed, or minimised while a few online casino games are enjoyed between paragraphs, but also provides enormous creative potential. This technology was harnessed in a way that is truly impressive.

The New Classics

Instagram offers a fun, visually stimulating way for stories to be told via Instagram Stories. The platform allows the combining of moving images with written text, and there is a clear heap of potential to be tapped. Presently Instagram Stories is mostly used for short, generally amusing memes or other quickly digested bits of information. But, by teaming up with the Mother in New York advertising agency, the New York Public Library has invented something awe inspiring. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is now combined with an incredible range of moving illustrations, both beautiful and engaging. Readers are treated to a veritable aesthetic journey along with the classic tale, drawing them in, dazzling them, and keeping them flipping the pages. Fast readers can simply allow the pages to turn automatically, and the story to unfold. However, of course, a manual page turning option is also available.

More Insta Novels Incoming

Part 1 of Alice In Wonderland has already been released, and public reaction has been nothing short of electric. But the New York Public Library has made clear that this is only the beginning. A statement revealed that The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is soon to be arriving, as well as the classic The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Each Insta Novel will have moving illustrations of its own, by a variety of talented artists. More books will almost certainly be added to those already announced, turning the library Instagram account into a digital library of its own. A truly creative and impressive campaign on the part of the New York Public Library, and one that is sure to be met with a great deal of success. As far as appealing to the youth goes, the Insta Novel campaign is nothing short of genius. As to whether this results in the youth reading more books remains to be seen, but at the very least Alice in Wonderland will be finding a wider audience than ever before.
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