Nobu – Chef Behind The Restaurants

Nobu Matsuhisa – Chef Turned Restaurant Owner Source: Malaysia Tatler The Nobu restaurants are well known, and well loved, located at multiple locations across the world. From Beverly Hills, to Cape Town, people flock to the Nobu brand name, and never seem to have anything but praise. The restaurant chain is all but a global phenomenon, so much so that one can’t but help think that there must be something magical on the menu, unobtainable anywhere else. So what does Nobu serve? Seafood, mostly, with a focus on sushi. The truth is that it is not the menu that makes the Nobu chain of restaurants so popular, but instead the incredible commitment to good service, and excellent quality food. A person can expect that anything served at a Nobu establishment will not only be the best possible quality, but also be in an environment fit for a king. And what is the secret behind this commitment to quality? Why, the master chef who started the restaurant chain, Nobu Matsuhisa.

Nobu Matsuhisa – Chef Turned Restaurant Owner

Nobu Matsuhisa is an interesting man for a number of reasons, not in the least because he happens to own one of the most popular restaurant franchises in the world. But beyond this incredible achievement, there are many other interesting things that make the man a fascinating individual. For example, did you know that Robert De Niro is part owner of the Nobu restaurant chain? You didn’t? And are you wondering how that could possibly be? We’ll get to that later. Let’s first take a look at the early years of Nobu Matsuhisa, and discover how his unique style of cooking came about. Nobu was born in Japan, and after his father died, young Nobu decided to start working in a Sushi restaurant in Tokyo, after he graduated from high school. It was here that early culinary skills were learned. But this, of course, was only the beginning. After working in the sushi restaurant for seven years, Nobu was invited to open his own restaurant in Peru. He took this offer, but soon learned that there was a lack of needed ingredients in Peru for Japanese cuisine. And, encouraged by circumstances, this was how Nobu learned to make his own signature style of food.

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So Much Sushi SlotPartnership With Robert De Niro

Partnership With Robert De Niro Source: Zay Zay Nobu then made the move to Los Angeles, and after working briefly at two Japanese establishments, he opened his own restaurant in Beverly Hills. The place quickly became popular, drawing customers from far and wide. And it was then that Nobu met Robert De Niro. De Niro and Nobu became friends, and decided to collaboratively open a restaurant in New York. From then the Nobu franchise was born, and spread across the world to dozens of locations.

Movie Cameo Appearances

But, of course, you can’t be friends with a movie star and not find yourself in a few films. De Niro offered a small movie part in the film Casino to Nobu, and the part was accepted. Nobu can briefly be seen in the movie as a wealthy Japanese guest at De Niro’s casino. De Niro’s character manipulates the Japanese guest, pushing him into spending more cash at the casino before being allowed to leave. We’re sure that this does not represent their relationship in real life. The cameo part apparently gave Nobu a taste for the big screen, since he can also be seen in the comedy film Austin Powers: Goldmember, and in the acclaimed film Memoirs of a Geisha. Nobu is a surprisingly good actor, although one hardly thinks he will give up being a master chef to be an actor.

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