Phone Wars: Samsung S8 vs iPhone 8

Image Source: It is probably one of the biggest tech wars that takes place all around the world among friends, colleagues and family. The great divide which separates Android and Apple users into two distinct quadrants. With two new, top of the range phones from both of these tech companies and the latest iPhone 8 recently being released the biggest question remains, which phone is better? Whether you use a Samsung or an Apple device, you can still access Canada's top online casino and play hundreds of game anytime and anywhere!

Which one is lighter on your wallet?

Cost is always a factor in when choosing a cell phone and let's be honest, these top of the range phones with the top of the line features aren't exactly cheap. iPhone users are known to be loyal to the Apple brand, buying only Apple products and often standing in long queues to buy the latest iPhone as soon as it becomes available. The new iPhone 8 will set you back a cool £699 approximately which is slightly higher then the £689 cost of the Samsung S8.

Face recognition

One of the stand out features of the latest iPhone is that it is only open by face recognition. This has spawned many jokes and memes across the internet about the possible challenges that come with this feature. Looking for games to play on your phones? Check out these progressive online casino games where you could become an instant millionaire! The new iPhone face ID feature has led to many online jokes. Image Source:

Size still matters

Since the iPhone 6 was launched in 2014, Apple has kept all its releases roughly around the same size. The iPhone 8 remains slick and lighter to carry. The Samsung S8 is bulkier in comparison but iPhone users have been warned that the phone might not withstand a fall and could break easily if users are not careful with it.

Selfie quality

The new iPhone 8 has a 12 MP camera whereas the Samsung also has a 12-megapixel front-facing camera. So weighing up these two phones, which cellphone would you go with? Whilst the Samsung S8 offers more features for its price the iPhone 8 will retain more value in the long term. To throw a spanner in the works, Samsung is also due to release the Samsung S9 early next year with a fingerprint scanner and dual rear-facing camera. Looks like the phone wars are set to continue...
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