Playing in tournaments

I love the Platinum Play Online Casino experience, and all the games that they have to offer, but I have to confess that I sometimes miss the head to head action of sitting around the table and playing against other people. I love the challenge of trying to read what cards they have, based on how they play, and it seems that I wasn’t alone in that feeling, because Platinum Play has now given me and other like-minded gamblers the opportunity to go up against one another in online tournament action. Getting involved in these tournaments is as simple as logging in to your account and registering for a scheduled tournament, or playing in a sit and go version, where you wait for others to come and join in the fun. The wait isn’t usually very long, as there are thousands of players from all over the world waiting to test their skills against other gamblers. Lovers of the reels will get a major kick out of the International Slots League, which offers up some really cool prizes. If slots aren’t your thing, and you much prefer the action of the tables, then get into the International Blackjack League and use your betting strategies to topple everyone who dares to challenge you. In my mind, these online tournaments are way better than anything I ever experienced at my closest land-based casino. Going there meant I could only challenge the skills of the people who live in my town, but online I am up against players from all over the globe as we all compete for a little bit of world domination. Play for real or play for fun but either way, you should really take a look at the online tournaments, if only to see how well your game matches up against other players' strategies. Once you play in one tournament you’ll be hooked, and with new tourneys starting around the clock, you’ll never have to wait long to get your challenge on.

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