Six Holiday Destinations To Visit After Your Jackpot Win

Source: Pixabay Is there ever a day when we’re not busy? Going to work and dealing with domesticity in all its forms: Paying household bills, finding the money for car repairs and school fees, as well as other unexpected expenses which just seem to arise out of the blue – the list is endless, and the pace unrelenting. However, playing in your favourite online casino means there’s always the possibility you could win a jackpot which would allow you to exchange all that for the chance to make your dreams come true and travel around the world. It’s not an unpleasant problem, but if you were to win a jackpot, or become a lottery winner, you would still have to decide on your favourite holiday destination. And booking a dream holiday and travelling to a luxury holiday destination will give you time to really relax and enjoy the things you always wanted to do. And if you have managed to win the jackpot, that means you’ll be able to afford to go exactly where your fancy takes you. So here’s some background information you can use to help you make a final choice about a dream trip to an exotic holiday destination. But which of these six top holiday travel destinations would you choose for that holiday-of-a-lifetime experience?

Egyptian art treasures and exotic settings

Egypt really is entering a fascinating new phase in its development of tourist facilities. The Grand Egyptian Museum is scheduled to open soon and there’s great anticipation everywhere. The building will house a vast amount of the country’s historic treasures, and will include King Tutankhamun's burial collection, which itself runs to in excess of 5,000 pieces. Luxury Nile cruises already have waiting lists for their boutique wooden boats which can offer art deco interiors and comfortable leather deck chairs from which to view the glories of Luxor. There’s even a rooftop swimming pool and spa facilities you can enjoy while taking in natural wonders such as the Nubian sandstone cliffs. And right on the banks of the Nile, the new, glass-fronted St Regis hotel (which opens in March 2019) offers views over the bustling ancient waterway and Cairo’s renowned Corniche Promenade.

The Peloponnese, Greece

This peninsular region in Southern Greece is undoubtedly one of the Mediterranean’s top go-slow destinations. It’s now the Greek islands which soak up most of the heavy tourist traffic. So places like Santorini and Mykonos tend to be swamped, while the historic Peloponnese is so much more laid back. This is the land where Jason and the Argonauts began their quest for the Golden Fleece, and which today offers beautiful landscapes, picturesque beaches and superb luxury resorts like Costa Navarino. International flights can now use Kalamata airport, which saves entering the region via Athens, and Kourouta on the west coast is the location of a new luxury hotel occupying a former wine factory on the sea front. You can expect great food in this region, and its vineyards are among the finest examples of Greece’s resurgent wine industry. The Peloponnese is also where you’ll find Greece’s first destination spa which has been designed to resemble a Byzantine monastery.

The Andaman Islands

If you’re looking for the archetypal tropical island experience, you’re likely to find exactly that in the remote Andaman Islands. They form a chain of upwards of 300 separate islands set in the Indian Ocean between Thailand and India. Here, you will find unspoilt white sand beaches fringed with coconut palms and mangroves, and warm clear waters containing beautiful coral reefs. Some of these idyllic islands are uninhabited, while others are off-limits to tourists in order to protect the indigenous tribes who still live there. Source: Pixabay Nevertheless, Havelock Island has now opened as the Andamans’ first five-star resort with luxury villas, upmarket restaurants and a dedicated spa facility. This could be a dream destination for those who want to get away and spend their days relaxing on the beach, swimming and diving in coral seas, or hiking in tropical rainforests and kayaking in the mangroves.


For those lucky lottery winners who can enjoy it to the full, Guatemala can offer the best of what makes Central America such an exotic destination. It’s a mesmerising mix of mountain vistas and jungle landscapes, atmospheric Mayan ruins and authentic Indian culture, which has attracted a steady stream of European visitors since the mid-twentieth century. This Land of Eternal Spring has plenty of jewels waiting to be discovered – such as the Casa Polopó, Guatemala's finest boutique hotel, which sits in splendour beside the magical Lake Atitlán. Elsewhere, the capital Antigua has gained a UNESCO World Heritage listing for its superb colonial architecture, and visitors are also encouraged to visit the spellbinding tropical rainforests of the Rio Dulce during their stay.

Matera, Italy

Now the 2019 European Capital of Culture, and everyone’s idea of a romantic location, Matera in Southern Italy is an enchanting town built on a rocky outcrop in the Basilicata region. A World Heritage Site, its buildings have an ancient timeless appeal, which makes this area a favoured film location. But most visitors come to see the Sassi, a cave complex carved out of the mountainside. Used as accommodation until the 1950s, these caverns have now been transformed into galleries, restaurants and hotels where paying guests can experience staying in a luxurious limestone grotto – which surely ranks high on anyone’s list of unforgettable holiday moments.

Perth, Western Australia

The city of Perth is the riverside capital of Australia’s wild West Coast. With the Indian Ocean on its doorstep and the outback all around, there’s plenty to interest those looking for quality leisure experiences and natural-world encounters. However, Perth is also a well-established foodie destination which is highly recommended by international chefs. This is one reason there are so many excellent cafés, bars and restaurants where the region’s top produce and wines are always on the menu. Perth is also a cultural centre with a full complement of galleries and other venues, plus a busy calendar of exhibitions.
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