The 10 Commandments: Online Dating Edition

heart keypad Source: Pixabay A pretty famous story tells of a man who climbed a mountain, had an unforgettable conversation and returned with 2 tablets of stone. Written on them were 10 commandments or rules that are said to give order to spiritual and earthly relationships. Online dating wasn’t a thing, back in those days. If it had been, I suspect that, while up the mountain, the man would have asked for an additional 10 commandments of dating online. Let’s face it – they’re needed. In fact, I imagine that, if the man had received those additional stone tablets, they would have looked something like this:

1. You Shall Be Honest

Be honest to yourself, and be honest to others. Don’t lie about your age, height, weight, or personal habits. If you’re looking for love, you’ll want to meet them IRL (in real life), and they’ll find out all that stuff anyway. If the person with whom you’re chatting doesn’t actually ring your bell, be honest about it. There’s no point trying to convince yourself that you feel something when you don’t, and there is no point in leading them on.

2. You Shall Not Catfish

Catfishing means creating a fake persona and using that on online dating platforms. Some may do it because they have absolutely no self-confidence, while others do it because they are bored or are getting up to mischief. Don’t do it.

3. You Shall Not Start Conversations With Emojis

You shall not use a face sporting a lascivious grin, a starry-eyed cat, a creative arrangement of fruit and vegetables, or any other emoji to start a conversation. It’s lazy, and it makes you look like an idiot. If you are contacting someone for the first time, or replying to someone’s first message to you, use words. Put some effort into it, and, sooner or later, someone special is going to see that you’re worth the effort.

4. You Shall Split the First-Date Bill

Splitting the bill on the first date is common practice in same-sex online dating, but when it comes to heterosexual dating, opinions are divided. Given how touchy a subject it can be, it’s best to make that call before the date happens.

5. You Shall Have An Escape Route

Sometimes a first date doesn’t go the way you expect it to. Have an escape route prepared; a polite and easy way of getting out of it. Don’t be tempted to use that Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion line about a cut foot and a shoe filling up with blood. At Platinum Play Casino the rules are simple – be of age and be responsible – that’s it! Otherwise feel free to have fun on an array of slots, table games and more!

6. You Shall Not Say What You Do Not Mean

There is nothing wrong with paying the person you just met a few compliments, if those compliments are genuine. Too many can seem like empty flattery; empty words with an ulterior motive. It can also seem as though you are fishing for compliments.

7. You Shall Not Stalk On Social Media

Online, anyone can say they are anyone, so by all means, use Facebook or Instagram to check the person you’re chatting to isn’t catfishing you or already married. Do not be tempted to go through everything they posted since they first joined that platform. This is for your own sanity. Also, do not go rummaging through the profiles of their friends and family. That’s just creepy.

8. You Shall Not Love the Fantasy

No matter how honest online dating conversations are, they will never give you an accurate sense of who that person is. Until you meet in person, there will always be an element of fantasy in how you see them. Keep your feelings and your words in check.

9. You Shall Not Watch the Clock

Do not become a clock-watcher when it comes to message response times. Whether you are tempted to stress about your response times or theirs, do not do it. You do not need to reply immediately, and neither do they. Reply as and when you have a chance, just as you would to a friend.

10. You Shall Date One At a Time

First and second dates do not imply any commitment, so if you have 5 first and 1 or 2 second dates lined up, good for you. However, if you start seeing someone regularly, stop dating others. Focus on them, because things obviously are getting serious.  
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