The Hottest Stocks Right Now

The Hottest Stocks Right Now Source: Pixabay The stock market is in a pretty jittery place at the moment, and that’s a statement that only a foolish person would try and deny. There is the threat of an all-out trade war with China and Europe, which is a situation that could spell sleepless nights for anyone who has their fingers in certain stock market pies. But then again, if stock market instability were something that put investors off, perhaps we’d all just better call it quits, head to the local pub and drown our woes in a beer. In which case, local pubs everywhere would be celebrating the bizarre, unprecedented increase in business. The truth is that there are always stocks that are screaming for your attention. It’s just a case of doing a bit of legwork, finding them and striking while the iron is hot. Read on to learn about a few stocks that are ripe for investment. Which is to say, the local pubs have plenty of business without getting more from you. Besides, you can have a beer later, anyway.

Facebook (FB)

Facebook has been in the news lately. Perhaps for all the wrong reasons, which may be exactly why Facebook stocks are in their current position. They are relatively affordable, and let’s face it, the social media giant really doesn’t have anywhere to go but up. At least according to the words of some very smart people, likely sitting in very large offices. According to two top analysts, Facebook stock is more or less sitting at a position so ripe, it might well just fall from the tree and hit you on the head. If you don’t pick it that is. Rob Sanderson, analyst at MKM Partners, predicts a spike after the current pull back, of around 17%. Andy Hargreaves makes a similar prediction, although putting the percentage at a slightly higher 21%. Either way, Facebook looks like the proverbial ripe peach at the moment, but likely won’t be in the position for long. That iron is hot, get striking! Why bet on stocks when you can bet on slots! At Platinum Play Online Casino you can play for your share of wins on video slot games like Bust the Bank or Break da Bank. Break da bank slots

Boeing (BA)

Next on the list is aerospace company Boeing, which saw a plummet recently on the back of the aforementioned trade war fears. But according to some analysts, this was an enormous overreaction, and Boeing is safer from any trade wars than most assumed. The result; a low stock price that is, once again, looking much like a peach in need of picking. Boeing stocks are not as affordable as Facebook, even in their current slump, but they certainly deserve a good long look, especially given their positive performance in the last 4 months. Though, it best be kept in mind that there is risk involved.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals (ALXN)

Drugs are good business and as far as analysts are concerned and Alexion Pharmaceuticals are the drugs you should be investing in right now. Hartaj Singh, ranked within the top 200 analysts at TipRanks, made a few bold claims about what Alexion stocks would be doing in the near future. Needless to say, when a top 200 ranked analysts confidently suggests that the percentage you’re looking at is 48%, you better be paying attention. According to Singh, two new products from the company have recently been launched, and the gains are yet to be fully seen.

Careful Consideration Needed

These are just 3 hot stocks right now based on tips by some of the best analysts in the world. There are more stock tips from more analysts to take into consideration, so be sure to do a bit of research of your own before making hasty decisions. Also, don’t forget the number one rule of stock investment; diversify! You may now go and have that beer, as you ponder your options. Good luck.
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