The World’s Most Instagrammable Locations

Capture the most iconic spots Source: Pixabay What makes for a great Instagram picture? If you’re a dedicated hipster, it could be the perfect cup of coffee next to your leather-bound journal, with a fountain pen perfectly placed nearby. If you’re a foodie, it might be a perfectly constructed plate of food. Architecture lovers will appreciate the way light and shadow highlight a vaulted ceiling or another feature. All of these images, and so many more, can capture magical moments on holiday or in your home town, and inspire people to travel or simply to appreciate where they are. A picture of the bright lights or sizzling gaming tables of Las Vegas might encourage a tour of a casino in Sin City, while a post of gorgeous tropical fish could lead to a scuba-diving excursion. The world’s most iconic cities are full of Instagram-worthy scenes, all of which can motivate people to live their best life and travel to their dream locations. We’ve rounded up a few each in 10 of the most visited and dreamed-about metropoles.
  1. Abu Dhabi

The Al Dhafra Camel Festival, which sees up to 25,000 of these magnificent animals descend on the city, is always worth of a few pictures, as are Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the sand dunes of Sir Bani Yas Island and Liwa. Incredible architectural feats can be seen all around too, creating even more of a visual feast.
  1. Kyoto

Japan’s former empirical capital has many ‘Grammable tourist attractions, including Arahiyama’s Bamboo Grove and the Philosopher’s Path. The Nishiki Market, fondly known as Kyoto’s Kitchen, and the Gjon district where the Geisha tradition is alive and well, are also not to be missed.
  1. Santorini

The white-and-pastel buildings tumbled over the mountainside were a favourite among travellers and photographers long before Instagram, and are more popular now than ever. Anastasi Church in Imervigli is breath taking in its own right, and offers the best and most picturesque views on the island. Instantly Instagrammable Santorini Source: Pixabay
  1. Venice

St Mark’s Square and the Bridge of Sighs are just two of the incredible sights in this beautiful city on the water. Baroque concerts are waiting to be discovered and photographed as you stroll through the cobbled streets, and Palazzo Ducale’s walkway is the perfect panoramic vantage point.
  1. Paris

Almost every street in the City of Love presents unforgettable memories and photo opportunities, from the St Michel Latin Corner to the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Any doorway, mural or simple streetlight on a bridge is the perfect setting for a no-filters-required selfie!
  1. London

Samuel Johnson famously said that when you are tired of London you are tired of life, and it’s just as true that if you ever finish Instagramming London, you have no more images left worth posting. Architecture in Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and other historical landmarks will sit perfectly alongside vibrant images of Covent Garden and Neal’s Yard. Or capture everything with the unmatchable views on the London Eye.
  1. Saxony

This free state within Germany is home to Rakotzbruke, truly the most awe-inspiring Devil’s Bridge in the world and a firm photography favourite. The Christmas markets in the town that provides the setting for the Nutcracker story are guaranteed to garner you plenty of likes too.
  1. Amsterdam

The canals of the Netherlands capital are as ‘Gram-worthy as their Venetian counterparts, especially when they reflect the fronts of the quaint waterway houses. The smaller version of the I AMSTERDAM sign, found in the Garden of Hermitage area, gives you the selfie that everyone wants without the crowds that can make it difficult.
  1. New York

The Big Apple is a dream for anyone looking for a city adventure, as well as the perfect profile picture. The city comes alive with rooftop gardens and bars in the summer, which provide great close-up photo opportunities and worthwhile views. China Town, Central Park and, of course, the Statue of Liberty are all unmissable. Quintessential New York City Source: Pixabay
  1. San Francisco

So much of the City by the Bay is worth capturing, and you’ll find pockets of vibrancy wherever you go. The must-take shot is on the Golden Gate Bridge, symbolising the adventure and spirit that travelling Instagrammers are becoming famous for.
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