Top 10 Hottest Canadian Actresses In 2019

Top 10 Hottest Canadian Actresses Source: When I was asked to pen a piece about the hottest actresses from Canada, I initially jumped at the idea. Then I retracted and I thought about the MeToo movement that has been sweeping the industry and I thought, is this really the right topic to be tackling right now? I reflected and decided that if the topic was handled tastefully, then this article would not incur the wrath of any sensitive readers. Also, I figured that the top 10 list of hot Canadian actresses should not be relegated to the present day, but should include older actresses who shone in their heyday, thus making for a more inclusive and informative list. So, without further ado, I, with the backing of Platinum Play Online Casino, give you the top 10 hottest Canadian actresses to grace our screens, posters, online feeds and fantasies.

10. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson Source: Let’s kick things off with a true classic and an actress who has done it all. Pamela Anderson first gained real notoriety in Baywatch, which ran from 1989 to 2001. During this time Anderson played CJ Parker from 1992 to 1997 and in the process graced magazine covers, posed topless for Playboy and played the bad ass anti-hero Barbwire. While her career has seen its ups and downs and her personal life hasn’t always been roses, Anderson has endured and continues to be a prominent figure in Hollywood.

9. Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin Source: This actress was born in Canada, raised in New Zealand and settled in America. At the mere age of eleven and with little acting experience, she won the Academy Award for her role in 1993’s The Piano, making her the second youngest person to ever receive this award. She starred in other notable films in the 90s, hitting a career upward trajectory with the first X-Men movie in 2000 and a number of its sequels. Later she starred in the erotically charged True Blood TV series which ran from 2008 to 2014.

8. Kristen Kreuk

Kristen Kreuk Source: YouTube Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Kristen rose to prominence playing Lana Lang in the once incredibly but eventually tired popular TV series, Smallville for a total of 7 seasons. Kreuk has also starred in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009) and according to Wikipedia, trained in karate until grade 11. Kruek also starred in the reboot TV series, Beauty and the Beast and in the 2011 Irwin Welsh-penned story adaptation of Ecstasy.

7. Cobie Smoulders

Cobie Smoulders Source: Fanpop Talk about aging like a fine wine! Miss Smoulders has been doing her thing for a while now, coming to our attention in the TV Series, How I Met Your Mother, which ran for a phenomenal 11 years. Cobie did not rest on her laurels and has since become part of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) playing Maria Hill. If that’s not enough to confirm her credentials, she’s also starred alongside Hollywood heavyweight, Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher 2 and will be seen later this year in Spider-Man: Far From Home and Avengers: Endgame.

6. Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp Source: Pinterest Thank goodness for Emily VanCamp, and bigger thanks should be given to the fact that she's Canadian to boot. This gorgeous blonde starting appearing in roles in the year 2000 and attracted fame for main roles in TV series such as Everwood and Brothers and Sisters. However, what really shot VanCamp to stardom was her role in the dark drama series Revenge as the orphaned Amanda Clarke, wreaking havoc on a wealthy New York family responsible for her father's death. Her heightened fame and proven acting credentials locked down, Emily found big Hollywood studios calling for her services, having now appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. Things seem to be going pretty well for the Ontario native, and let's hope for our sake that the acting roles continue to come..   Play the hottest online casino games at Platinum Play and get chance after chance for some of the hottest cash rewards around!  

5. Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev Source: Akhayar Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva was born in Bulgaria and moved to Canada at the age of two.  Her first major acting part was in the teen drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation back in 2006. She has since starred in the long-running series The Vampire Diaries and made some serious headway on the big screen too. Notable films in which this beauty has starred in include Let’s Be Cops, XXX: Return of Xander Cage and Flatliners.

4. Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly Source: Another great actress to hail from the land of bacon and maple syrup, Evangeline Lilly has made quite a name for herself in the film and television industry. Lilly started off as a model and slowly transitioned to acting, scoring her first prominent role in the TV series, Lost, in which she starred from 2004 to 2010. She also starred in the Academy Award winning war drama, The Hurtlocker (2008), after which she went into lighter territory alongside Hugh Jackman in Real Steal. Currently, this chiselled and attractive actress has joined the MCU and has thus far been seen in both Ant-Man movies and will later be seen in Avengers: Endgame.

3. Katheryn Winnick

Katheryn Winnick Source: Teleprograma Lately you’ve seen her in the pretty popular series, Vikings, in which she plays Legertha, but this is only her latest gig. The truth is that this Canadian beauty has been stomping around Hollywood for a decent amount of time and has thus compiled an impressive resume. A lot of her early work was straight-to-video specials, but that’s nothing to scoff at; once great Hollywood heavyweights have gone down that route too, just think Van Damme, Seagal or Lundgren, not to mention other former heavy hitters like Cuba Gooding Jr or Halle Berry.  In more recent years she’s starred along Hollywood mainstays like Al Pacino in Stand up Guys and Mathew McConaughey in The Dark Tower.

2. Sarah Gadon

Sarah Gadon Source: Torontonian has been gracing our television screens from as far back as 1998, but has gone from strength to strength and appeared in blockbusters such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Dracula Untold. However, she isn’t one to just accept any old role based on her looks. Gadon proved in the recent miniseries Alias Grace that she has the acting chops to go along with her beauty, and with plenty of roles coming up in which to see her in, such as True Detective Season 2, we’re sure to hear more of Sarah Gadon in the years to come.

1. Emmanuelle Chriqui

Emmanuelle Chriqui Source: Can you believe that Emmanuelle is in her 40s? Since the age of 20 she’s been actively pursuing a career in acting and has done quite well for herself. From humble beginning in some commercial work to a string of Canadian TV series’, this actress has proven herself versatile and bankable. She has starred alongside Adam Sandler in 2008’s You Don’t Mess With the Zohan and was a recurring character in Entourage, which ran from 2004 to 2011. She’s also done voice work in the Thundercats animated series.

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