Top 5 Bucket List Activities in Canada

Top 5 Bucket List Activities in Canada Photo by Adam Woodworth With so many incredible things to do in the country, there is no need for Canadians to travel far and wide for bucket list activities. From the unbelievable Aurora Borealis to the magic of geothermal springs, there is sure to be something you need to do before you shuffle off your mortal coil. The focus of this list of the top 5 bucket list activities in Canada is on a few of the things that make the country one of the most special places on our blue planet. Find out more.

Explore the Hopewell Rocks

Explore the Hopewell Rocks Image Source: A wonder of the natural world and one of Canada’s most dramatic sights, the Bay of Fundy’s Hopewell Rocks are the eroded remains of the cliff, rising eerily from the ocean floor. Trees grow on the rocks, which are often seen surrounded by water. However, the scene undergoes a dramatic change at low tide, and in the summer and fall months between May and October. The water of the bay recedes far enough to expose the ocean bed, giving you the chance to walk to the bases of the rocks for a closer inspection. If Hopewell Rocks is not the last item to check off on your bucket list, watch out for rock falls due to erosion. 2016 saw the collapse of one of the rock’s most famous features.

Eat Cheap and Cheerful Food

Poutine Image Source: This top bucket list activity is for everyone who is not fortunate enough to live in or travel to Canada. Don’t expect natural wonders here, although you are sure to have your mind blown by just how good cheap and cheerful grub can taste. The dish in question is poutine. No one’s really sure where it came from, but an educated guess puts it in mid-20th century Quebec. Poutine is nothing to look at, being a conglomerate of French fries, gravy, and cheese curds. The taste, however, is probably something like ambrosia, the fabled food of the gods.

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Take In Aurora Borealis

Take In Aurora Borealis Image Source: The long, dark nights of winter and early spring make Canada a playground of the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. Yukon’s Whitehorse and Manitoba’s Churchill offer some of the best views of a wonder that looks as though it could be curtains of coloured light flapping about the night sky. Add the Aurora to your bucket list. It might be cold out there, but that’s nothing a warm, big serving of poutine can’t help.

Ride the Leviathan

Leviathan Theme park Image Source: Canada’s Wonderland theme park offers visitors the bucket list-worthy opportunity to experience the might of the Leviathan. Undoubtedly the country’s most monstrous roller coaster, it climbs a mind-bending 93m before taking riders on a plunge that can see it reach speeds as fast as 148kh/h. If you have never thought about compiling a bucket list of your own, one ride on the Leviathan might be enough to convince you to start one, because your life will probably flash before your eyes.

Take the Waters

Hot Springs in canada Image Source: Instagram @linaelenbaas Canada is no stranger to frosty temperatures, but, as its residents know, it is not cold all the time. Even if it does go on a bit long, there are geothermal springs that will warm you right up in no time at all. A good soak can help soothe tired muscles, and they can help your body eliminate toxins. The benefits of what the Victorians called taking the waters at hot springs are well-documented by scientists around the world. Visiting at least one of the country’s natural geothermal springs is a must on any bucket list, and it can be done in settings as diverse as forest pools to stylish spas. Do you have any Canadian bucket list activities not mentioned here?
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