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Source: Microgaming There’s a brand new online slot game that’s been brewing for some time and it’s going to bring up the heat! The beautifully designed responsive game is being released on the 5th of June 2019 and has a lot of cool features and great payouts.

More than a drink

On some days, adulting gets so hard you just wanna crawl right back into bed and stay there forever. But you still have work, and you know, a life. So you get up, drag yourself to the kitchen and of course, that’s when you realize you forgot the coffee. So you take a cold shower (thanks roomie), gruntingly get dressed and get out of the house. The sun is too bright. People look mean. How could this day be so bad when it barely started? A few meters in from of you, a woman walks out of a shop with a paper cup and that’s when you smell it. The sweet beautiful aroma of coffee is slowly making its way from your nostrils to your brain and you know how to make your day better. Like a hunter tracking its prey, you swiftly open the door of the coffee shop and order a latte. With just one sip, everything changes. The sun is shining, people are smiling, the day looks great. How could a simple brew do this magic? It’s because coffee is more than a drink, it’s an experience. And if coffee is a potion, then coffee shops are the magical place where life changes. Acknowledging that, Microgaming is releasing on the 5th of June 2019 a tribute to a sacred place of the 21st century: coffee shops.

Playing the Game

Le Kaffee Bar is Microgaming newest online slot game. With beautiful graphics, artsy design, well-crafted features and colourful animations that can adapt to any screen (mobile, tablet or computer) it is a game worthy of the 21st century. The game isn’t just beautiful, it will also give you the rush of drinking a triple espresso as you experience the great 5x3 spinning reels and 243 Way-to-Win. The frequent wins provided by the low volatility and high RTP of 96.51% will keep you and your bankroll happy for hours. Because yes, there is a difference between your next-door coffee shop and Le Kaffee Bar. Instead of charging 7 dollars for a latte, Le Kaffee Bar has a minimum bet at 0.30 coins and a default bet at 2.40. You can of course raise the wager and go up to 30 coins, but whatever happens, Le Kaffee Bar is the only shop that will give you a shot at winning 850 000 coins!

Scatter Collection

At Le Kaffee Bar you get a Cup Meter that allows you to keep track of your Scatter Collection. Represented by a Coffee Cup, the Scatter Symbol can appear on the 1st and 5th reels of the base game. Once you have accumulated 10 Scatter Symbols, you will be offered to either keep playing the base game or entering the Free Spin mode. If you choose to stay in the base game, the offer will be made again once you’ve reached 20 Coffee Cups. The Cup Meter will be full once you have 30 Scatter Symbols and the Free Spin mode will start automatically.

Free Spins

You can trigger the Free Spins feature by collecting Scatter Symbols. Once you’ve entered the Free Spin mode, you play out at average bet and activate a multiplier whose size depends on the number of Scatters you’ve accumulated:

Spin Again

If you get three identical symbols on a vertical or horizontal line, you trigger the Spin Again feature. The first thing it will do is replace the middle symbol of the combination with a Wild. It will then give you one free spin to play on with the Wild!


Le Kaffee Bar is full of beautiful and rewarding symbols:

Mocha time in your calendar!

Are you ready for some thrills? If you are a member of Platinum Play, don’t forget to check in on 5th June and if you’re not, now is the time to join! There is even a huge welcome bonus of $800! So try Le Kaffee Bar and have a brew-tiful day!  
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