UX and Return Loyal Customers: The Power of ‘User-Friendly’ in Online Gambling

gambling chips and mobile phone Source: Penn Online Casinos User-experience, or UX, is the ticking heart of any online business. Without a smooth user interface and user-friendly operation, an online company struggles to retain clients. User-experience is especially necessary for online casinos who rely on players settling in and returning for hours of repeat gameplay. Exciting game titles and thrilling visuals may attract customers, but they won’t necessarily keep them coming back for more. The only way to anchor these return results is through creating a website or app that’s easy and attractive for customers to use. Platinum Play reveals the secret to its success when it comes to establishing an engaging and seamless user experience. Discover the values we enlist when it comes to providing our customers with an online casino adventure that promises fun, fair online gambling and slick, intuitive navigation.

Putting Customers First

”The customer is always first.” This adage is always the truth in business. And it applies just as strongly to UX. An online casino must put the needs and desires of the customers first if it wants to remain competitive. By keeping an online casino customer-centred, the entire user experience becomes memorable, engaging, and convenient. Steps to put the customer first include making it simple to register, make a deposit, play a game, and be rewarded for taking these steps.

Listening to Customers

Another tenet of brick-and-mortar businesses, listening to customers adds extensively to the overall user experience. When an online casino seeks out feedback from actual customers, the results can be telling and effective. Maybe the layout could be more navigable, or the registration process has too many steps. Perhaps the catalogue of titles is not as easy to search. Whichever obstacles or improvements the customers want, this is the chance for online casinos to reach deep within their resources and make their website or downloadable content what the user is looking for.

A Seamless Customer Experience

Think about any time you’ve been on a transactional website and it wasn’t absolutely convenient to make deposits, pay for goods, or search for products. That experience is what an online casino customer faces every time they interact with a virtual casino that does not value UX. Whether a customer is making a deposit for wagering or tracking winnings, every step of the way needs to be simple and direct. If any part of the UX becomes muddled or complicated, a customer is likely to check out and not return. Source: Pixabay

Mobile Technology and Business

A major way to a customer’s heart is through convenient mobile technology. In the age of mobile apps like Uber and Postmates, most customers expect to access anything on their mobile devices and pay for it promptly using PayPal. Providing gambling on-the-go is just one more way to stick with customers and get them to keep your casino’s app on their home screen. By investing in mobile technology to expand your services, an online casino operator is landing thousands of return clients who otherwise would not be bothering with typical online gameplay that tethers them to a desktop or laptop.

User Experience Trumps Content

Take a cue from land-based casinos to get a feel for the importance of UX versus content. In a brick-and-mortar casino, glitzy games and attractive facilities are nice, but the casino isn’t an overall engaging experience without friendly financial transaction assistants, lounge waiters, and charismatic dealers. In the same way an online casino needs to be much more than its array of virtual-realistic titles and exciting graphics. Navigation, responsiveness, transaction security, fast connection, promotions, and ease-of-operation make an online casino an inviting oasis the customer can return to again and again.

The Key to Being the Best

The world wide web is inundated with online casinos, making it essential to stand out with incredible UX. Some ways an online casino can stand out is by keeping a few key factors in mind. From a navigation standpoint, remember that bigger icons promote engagement and you should keep the navigation to content ratio at a maximum of 20% to 80%. Online casino operators should also look at their websites strictly from the perspective of the customer, simultaneously capturing their imagination, easing their mind about secure transactions, and providing them with a hassle-free, fun gaming experience. This is the secret formula to attracting and retaining happy return customers.

Keeping It Simple

If an online casino is looking to upgrade their UX or invest in UX for the first time, the process may seem overwhelming. Optimizing an online casino for UX can be costly and time-consuming, although casino operators can start taking simple steps early on for substantial changes. A few tips include switching web hosts for greater speed and removing unnecessary clutter from pages and navigation. Above all, a site should be mobile responsive and easy to use on any device. Refining UX may be a lengthy process, but being more aware of customer needs and the factors that make a strong customer experience will help many online casinos carve out a stronger niche in this thriving market.
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