Weirdest bets of all time

Strange betsWhat people will wager on can often be rather puzzling. Here's a list that will have you wondering if there is any intelligent life on Earth:

Poker face

Guys will often do some pretty stupid things to show off their bravado, and of course our first example does not stray from this truth. A gentleman from the year 1784 embarked on a wager with his drinking buddies that he could carry a red hot poker in his mouth to the other side of the village market and back. Despite amazing pain, he won the bet, although he died of his injuries the next day. Still though, he won...right?

Fake man boobs

A Canadian man, Brian Zembic, made a real tit of himself by completing a dare for $100,000 to have breast implants done, sometime in the superb decade of the '90s. The breasts cost $4,000 and two weeks in bed, and Zembic had to keep the breasts for a full year to receive his money. He did.

 No-card poker win

Nicky Power pulled off the ultimate bluff in a hand of Texas Hold'em - he was in the big blind position and went All-In, all other players folded except for the small blind. The Dealer, however, had mucked all his cards when removing the folded hands. The other player didn't notice and FOLDED, leaving Power with the pot.

Bet it all, win it all

Although this is DEFINITELY not recommended, a man from Wycombe named Chris Boyd sold everything he had (including his house) and headed off to Vegas. He placed a single, massive bet on red at the roulette table, won the bet and came straight home having doubled his money.

The number 23

Not everyone believes in the power of numerology, but pub owner Richard Connolly celebrated his 23rd birthday in 1992 by placing a bet of £23 on number 23 at 23h23 at a casino in the Isle of Man. As fate would have it he immediately won £805 (naturally).

The Casino Casanova

Again, don't try this at home, but a Baltimore man took a $million bet he could sleep with a different women every day for a year. He won, took the money and toured the world for a year - as a single man.

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