What Are the Modern Trends in Logo Design?

designer's table and laptop Source: Pixabay Pretty much all of the major brands around the globe have their own logo these days. A good logo should convey the personality traits of the brand or product it is there to promote. That’s why the Platinum Play online casino logo looks similar to a poker chip – you know exactly where you stand with that! Of course, some logos have been design classics that have lasted for decades or more. Others, though shorter-lived, have made a significant impact, too. What are the design trends for logos these days and what can we expect to see more of over the course of 2019?

The Return of Bright Tones

For some years, consumers have been exposed to relatively low-key logo designs, especially in the business-to-business sector. Unless you are directly trying to appeal to kids, colour has been a marginal concern, to say the least. That said, according to a number of experts in the industry, colour is going to be a much bigger player over the next twelve months or so. Why is this? Firstly, there is the sense that all things have to change in order to look new. As such, using bright - even clashing - tones in a logo will simply look fresh and exciting compared to recent fashions. The on-trend look is also augmented by the understandable argument that colourful logos are more eye-catching especially where we are most exposed to them these days, namely our smart devices.

The Shape-Shifting Logo

The next identifiable trend in logo design owes itself to the way in which we consume brand identities today, as well. Because logos used to be designed with advertising hoardings and printed media in mind, they were seldom shape-shifting. Of course, there were always exceptions to this rule. Just think of a television network's ident or the animated logo of a film production company. Since brands are more likely to be seen on a screen than anywhere else nowadays, so the logos of all sorts of enterprises will be increasingly shape-shifting in nature, making them more dynamic than ever before. This might be a subtle ripple or a relatively simple flash of light rather than a completely autonomously altering logo, but the future of animated logos has arrived.

Fine Detailing

Bold, simple and minimalist - that has been what designers have been producing for brands over the last decade or two. It really does suit some companies to continue in this pattern because it conveys a great deal of confidence. However, more and more up-and-coming brands will buck this trend and make a virtue of plenty of fine detailing instead. As brands start to establish themselves, so their logos will simplify - at least, that's what many professionals think. However, details like ornate lettering, scrolls and extraneous patterns will all feature a great deal in 2019. Just look at some of the old Victorian-style designs you see with many new drinks brands already, for example. Harley Davidson logo Source: Pixabay

Trompe L'Oeil

A trompe l'oeil is something that makes you take a second glance. It literally means to trump the eye. In most cases, this is achieved by rendering something in a two-dimensional logo that appears to be impossibly three-dimensional. You can think back to those old optical illusions you used to see in printed media. 2019 is likely to see more and more designers incorporating these sorts of illusory elements into their work to make their logo more attention-grabbing. This trend will suit brands seeking to communicate well with a younger audience. In some cases, it will work hand-in-hand with the aforementioned vogue for shape-shifting logos, too.

Metallic Designs

Rendering a logo in actual metal may not be possible for every sort of enterprise unless they have a physical sign to put up at their headquarters. However, the rise of great looking inks that can replicate the look of metal has led to some designers choosing a shiny metallic style for their logo designs. Stunning metallic looks which look like polished silver or chrome are on-trend but you will also notice cooler and more sophisticated aluminium-looking logo designs being pitched, as well. Metal doesn't just stand out - it makes a statement about a brand's identity, one that is strong, durable and that will be around for a long time to come. Jewellery brands have led the way, thus far, on this vogue for metallic logos but few would expect this micro-trend to remain confined to that sector for long. It is one that many business models are likely to be clamouring for soon.
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