Style Guides For Poker Players – And Other Gamblers, Too

Source: Pixabay Even a decade or so ago, the mental image you might have conjured up of a poker player would be of someone with considerable sartorial elegance. Perhaps it is the suave image of James Bond - played by Daniel Craig - in his formal evening suit, bow tie and jacket playing for high stakes in Casino Royale that brings up this sort of preconception. There can be little doubt that some of the poshest casinos in Europe require anyone who is in attendance to dress smartly. Even with that consideration, few modern gaming houses would turn their noses up if you were to head in looking reasonably presentable. In the big casinos of Las Vegas, virtually anything goes and people wander in wearing all sorts of garments. Like many things in life, today's average poker player represents a shift in social standards where formal dress is no longer the big thing that it used to be. Some offices now actively encourage their staff to come in to work in less formal clothing so it is little wonder that poker players tend to be dressed in what they feel comfortable in nowadays. What do modern poker players tend to wear?

The Importance of Celebrity Culture

Few would argue that celebrity culture dominates the Western world these days and many of us take our style cues from the better known stars. Indeed, many celebrities are now regularly spotted playing poker or enjoying other table games, such as blackjack and roulette. Some, like the ultra-famous Kardashian sisters - and their mother - tend to keep their look cool and relatively sophisticated when they are at the table enjoying a hand or two. However, even this notoriously fashion-conscious clan does not tend to go for formal evening wear when they are gambling. Then there are the likes of Tobey Maguire, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. All three of these actors might be seen donning a tuxedo for an awards ceremony on in their latest on-screen role. Nevertheless, when they have been spotted at the poker table, baggy cotton shirts, baseball caps, jeans and t-shirts have been their outfits of choice. Of course, many celebrities - especially famous actors - like to go out in public with the chance of not being recognised. This in cognito attire lends itself to the hoodie, too, which can make celebrities instantly anonymous. You'll often spot a poker playing celebrity wearing sunglasses, too. However, this might be to hide tells rather than to make them harder to spot in public! Source: Pixabay

Why is Normal Clothing the New Norm?

Although some may miss the dressing up aspect of casino gambling, when it comes to serious players no one really cares what you are wearing. Winning is what counts and for many gamblers - especially poker players - this means feeling comfortable. If you are not relaxed, then you might just shift in your seat at the wrong time. Alternatively, you might scratch yourself at a crucial part of the game. Wearing comfy clothes - even if that means you don't look smart - can bring about a small advantage. After all, most of us feel more comfortable when we are wearing our normal clothes, the sort of thing we all wear every day. Given that some many celebrities think its okay to do so, why shouldn't the rest of us? Before you rush to play a game of poker in your pyjamas, remember that some rules still apply. However, most places will let you wear casual clothes. Shades are permissible, too, even if there is no need real reason to don them indoors. Of course, if you cannot play poker in anything other than the least amount of attire, then you can always play online from home and no one will need to see you at all!

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