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Why is Online Keno such a hit?

Did you know that the Great Wall of China may not exist if it wasn’t for Keno? This simple, yet revolutionary casual game’s invention is believed to have funded the construction, which in today’s time would cost roughly $89,466,975,000 to build. Great Wall of Canada, anyone? Use the power of online Keno!

Sounds great and all, but how does Keno work?

Online Keno is like a lottery, but instant. No need to wait for the draw on TV or hunt for the winning numbers in the newspaper, this lottery happens in real-time. 

All you need to do is:

  1. Choose up to 15 numbers between 1 and 80 that are very special to you (of course, meaningfulness is optional – you could close your eyes and pick if you want to).
  2. The Keno random number generator will bring up 20 balls with the winning numbers.
  3. If you’ve predicted some or all of the numbers correctly, you’ll get paid your winnings according to the amount of “Hits” you’ve made on the Keno board.

Have a look at the payout panel, it’ll make very clear what you’ll get for each amount of correct predictions, dependent on your bet, in the form of a multiplier. The less spots that you pick, the higher the multiplier is as the correct predictions tally up, but, of course, your chances of having one of the 20 balls being a “Hit” is decreased.

So, if you chose 10 spots on the board, got 4 “Hits” with the payout at 2 and you’ve bet 50, you’ll win 100 in total.

Does a strategy help when playing online Keno?

Unfortunately, because Keno is as casual as you can get when it comes to casual gaming, a strategy won’t really help your odds. The number generation is completely random, and even using the same numbers over and over will not do anything to increase your odds (hopefully you read this before you’ve retrieved your entire extended family’s birthdates). Remember that the odds do change significantly based on the number of spots chosen on each board, however, the payout works out accordingly, as the less your odds are, the greater the payout multiplier.

Absolutely anyone and everyone can play Keno because there are no tricks or techniques, so the best thing to do is sit back and enjoy the glorious gamble.

How do I maximise my keenness for Online Keno?

For hours and hours of extended play on online Keno (or any type of casual game, for that matter), try decreasing your bet per board. Now, take a moment to picture how far $800 free as a new player at Platinum Play could take you… maybe not enough to build the Great Wall of Canada, but it’ll probably be a good start.

I like to keep things casual, have anything else I can play?

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